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I use Dia to make circuit diagrams on occasion.  There is a limit to the complexity that is practical, and you are approaching that.  If I needed to do a lot I would buy a program specific for it. 

I have gotten pretty good with complex cabinet wiring diagrams where grouped basic elements from the various relays, fuse and terminal blocks.  But I just work it out so I don't need to rotate things, or I make four versions.  However, this is a small part of my work and I can justify the inefficiency of it on that basis.  Again, If I had to do a lot of cabinet drawings I would opt for something else as the graphics tool.  A lot of people use AutoCAD, I but I don't care for that either.  The Lite version may be free.

I adapt to Dia, and work with horizontal text mostly.  That is your path of least resistance.  A pervasive use of vertical text is more of a personal choice than a practical one, if you like using Dia. 

I think there is a valid reason to forego making text rotatable - vertical text is nonstandard for most technical presentation formats - mechanical drawing is where my greatest experience lies and I am aware of no drawing standard that supports it.  With an CAD software(including very expensive ones) there will be some sort of cranky option when sketching text for decorations or identification on castings, molded parts, laser cut and machined sheets, etc.  Pretty much just like what Dia offers.

When producing decals or other printed graphics, other programs are used, Corel Draw is what most of my suppliers used to deal with.

What I use Dis for is essentially note taking about the equipment I build and assemble.  Also instructional graphics on how to use the equipment.  In preparing FMEAs I have found Dia to a great tool for functional block diagrams and diagrams of the interactions between the components of an assembly.  

I often use Dia for presentation material.

These are uses where a general tool that is easy to adapt is better than a purpose made tool that misses something I never thought of before, and provides no way to workaround.  

Dia is great for working around.


On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 6:42 AM, Killian De Volder <killian de volder megasoft be> wrote:
Found another workaround: Outline text, then rotate, then fill with desired background and set Draw Background Yes
It's not a nice sight, but it will have to do.
Killian De Volder

On 02-03-13 12:20, Killian De Volder wrote:
I have to be able to rotate text...
My alternatives are:
  • Visio
  • Exporting the symbols to SVG and using them in Inkscape.
  • Export the drawing as SVG and post-adding the text.

Example of what is needed in the end:

Killian De Volder

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