Re: Dia shapes - Belgian domestic electricity

Greetings, Killian De Volder!

Guess there isn't any in Dia ?
PS: <svg:g transform="rotate(90 0 0)">/<svg:g style='transform="rotate(90 0 0)"'> is also not working ?
Or am I using it wrong ?

1. None available, as far as I know.

2. Try
<svg:g svg:transform="rotate(90 0 0)">

If not for Dia, it may make sense for exported SVG.

Killian De Volder

On 02-03-13 10:53, Killian De Volder wrote:
Biggish problem ...
Where is the rotate option in dia ?!?
Killian De Volder

On 28-02-13 10:01, Killian De Volder wrote:
Got trough my influenza (mostly) and managed to catch up with my work, and create the repository.

Feedback welcome! Preferably before I start making a lot of copies :)
Killian De Volder

On 24-02-13 19:18, Steffen Macke, wrote:
Hi Kilian,

Killian De Volder <killian de volder megasoft be> hat am 24. Februar 2013 um 12:35 geschrieben:
Hello no ... it's more like asking, what license do I need to put it under so it can be added
or even in included with Dia ?
In both cases, GPL v2 will allow for the fastest inclusion. And as you're continuing your work
on the shapes, placing them in a Git repository would be a big plus (if you know how to operate git).
Sites like or will let your create open source git repositories 
for free.
And of course: A big thanks for sharing your work!
You've asked a lot of technical questions about custom shapes interna. Are you aware of
?  It might answer some of your questions and provide you a guideline to create high quality shapes.

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Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 02.03.2013, <20:40>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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