Re: Rotating Text

On 02-03-13 18:08, Michael Ross wrote:

I think there is a valid reason to forego making text rotatable - vertical text is nonstandard for most 
technical presentation formats - mechanical drawing is where my greatest experience lies and I am aware of no 
drawing standard that supports it.  With an CAD software(including very expensive ones) there will be some 
sort of cranky option when sketching text for decorations or identification on castings, molded parts, laser 
cut and machined sheets, etc.  Pretty much just like what Dia offers.

In that case I should be able to get away with submitting a plan without rotated text.

PS Rotatable text might indeed be overkill, but XY swapping should be possible ?
Didn't find the render code yet, and currently don't have enough spare time to write it myself if feasible.

Thank you for the feedback.

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