Re: Dia shapes - Belgian domestic electricity

No rotate except the Outline Text.  Dia is not a photo editor, or an typical general vector graphics program.

This is a regular topic among new users, but apparently, none have felt the need compelling enough to try to code the function.  Maybe you are the one to do it?

As with all open source software the lack of a feature usually indicates that the current user base likes what is existent  - for their purposes the lack of a rotate function or other perceived deficiency is not an impediment.  It is a volunteer effort; sometimes coverage is a bit uneven.


On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 5:39 AM, Killian De Volder <killian de volder megasoft be> wrote:
Guess there isn't any in Dia ?
PS: <svg:g transform="rotate(90 0 0)">/<svg:g style='transform="rotate(90 0 0)"'> is also not working ?
Or am I using it wrong ?
Killian De Volder

On 02-03-13 10:53, Killian De Volder wrote:
Biggish problem ...
Where is the rotate option in dia ?!?
Killian De Volder

On 28-02-13 10:01, Killian De Volder wrote:
Got trough my influenza (mostly) and managed to catch up with my work, and create the repository.

Feedback welcome! Preferably before I start making a lot of copies :)
Killian De Volder

On 24-02-13 19:18, Steffen Macke, wrote:
Hi Kilian,

Killian De Volder <killian de volder megasoft be> hat am 24. Februar 2013 um 12:35 geschrieben:
> Hello no ... it's more like asking, what license do I need to put it under so it can be added
> here:
> or even in included with Dia ?
In both cases, GPL v2 will allow for the fastest inclusion. And as you're continuing your work
on the shapes, placing them in a Git repository would be a big plus (if you know how to operate git).
Sites like or will let your create open source git repositories for free. 
And of course: A big thanks for sharing your work!
You've asked a lot of technical questions about custom shapes interna. Are you aware of 
?  It might answer some of your questions and provide you a guideline to create high quality shapes.

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