Re: How is Dia running on an Android/Ubuntu tablet?

On Thu, 8 Aug 2013 01:26:21 -0700
Bao Niu <niubao56 gmail com> wrote:

Hi Michael, good to have some feedback from you! After a thorough
research I came to the conclusion that tablet is not a good tool for
programmers. I will still buy one maybe later, but only for consuming
content, not producing it.

QFT Bao!

I often need to pound out 1500 words of content in a day writing books
or web articles. Good luck doing that on a handheld.

One could argue that you could use a docking station for the handheld,
but in that case, programs like Dia needn't be modified at all, because
you're really just making your handheld into a desktop computer with a
full screen and a full keyboard and mouse.


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