Re: Sharp lines - Sub and super -scripts

On 28/09/2012 15:55, Panoutsopoulos, Basile (Computer Electronics and Graphics Tech) wrote:


I am sorry, I was not clear. I mean blurred by “not sharp”.

I want to prepare schematic diagrams of electronic circuits and insert them into a document.

I just tried it. The *.png format looks better than the jpg.

The *.svg is not imported in a word document. (?)

for word and other M$ stuff, simply use ".emf" / ".wmf" export, which are vector graphics.

There are also cairo/non cairo choices for both.

emf is more featured, but it seems having diagram size problems while importing (Dia v0.97 ? at workplace...).


Is there any future with the superscript and subscript?

Can't answer to that. Anyone else?

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