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I am sorry, I was not clear. I mean blurred by “not sharp”.

I want to prepare schematic diagrams of electronic circuits and insert them into a document.

I just tried it. The *.png format looks better than the jpg.

The *.svg is not imported in a word document. (?)


Is there any future with the superscript and subscript?


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Sharp can have more than one meaning in English.  


Do you meant pointed on the ends?

This does not make sense because the lines are square on the ends unless an arrow is added.


Or do you me the long sides are anti-aliased or blurred?

If diagonal lines have blurry edges, there settings to change how a jpg is created, but I nave little experience.  You might try instead to make Cairo .png output. it seems to look better than the jpg.  You can call the jpg or png  up in some other program and change the color depth to only black and white, but it will still fail to have perfectly straight edges.


However, these export formats are pixel-ated images.  If you have diagonal line it has to be translated in some way that is not completely realistic.  ANY raster or pixilated image will fail to be "sharp" to some degree.


Dia is a vector graphics program and you may prefer to export it as some othe vector format like .svg.


What are you trying to do that the aliasing is a problem?




On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 8:38 PM, Panoutsopoulos, Basile (Computer Electronics and Graphics Tech) <basile panoutsopoulos ccsu edu> wrote:



The lines of the objects (like resistors, inductors, etc.) are not sharp.

When I export a file to a  jpg image the lines are not sharp.

How I can make the lines sharp?



I need the subscripts and superscripts capability.

Is it in the plans?


Thanks you,



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