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Sorry for replying this way (I had some troubles with my subscription - I thought I clicked on the subscribe button, but I didn't :p).

So to answer to you, Hans, what I wanted was to add properties such as text, integer, floats... to a line (and display these properties into the dialog box objects>properties in order to modify them).

I am not trying to display them on the line representation (I have seen that labeling lines is an open question too).

Currently I export my diagram with a filter that automatically generates text and associates it to a line...

I hope it clarifies things.



At 05.07.2012 11:29, Julien SIEBERT wrote:
I was wondering if there is any way to add external properties to
custom lines the same way it is possible to add external properties to
custom shapes (via<ext_attributes>  in the .line file) ?
It is not. And before you start to extend custom_lines please be aware of a fundamental design flaw of the ext_attributes.
I manifests itself by this compile time warning:
custom_object.c(385) : warning C4133: 'function' : incompatible types - from 'PropDescription *' to 'Property *'
I tried - in a naive way - to directly add<ext_attributes>  in my line
files, but after looking at custom and custom lines C code I am just
asking what are the difficulties to add such a feature ?
Custom Shapes and Custom Lines have - from my understanding - slightly different use cases.
"The custom shape module allows you to create new shapes for Dia
without writing any C code.  Instead, you just have to write a simple
XML file describing the shape.  This opens up the job of creating new
shapes for dia to non programmers as well." [1]
"[The custom lines module] allows users to define "line shapes" with preconfigured settings for start/end arrow, line style, thickness, color, etc. using simple XML." [2]
The main difference from my point of view is that the custom lines module (only) is used to preconfigure some objects already there; while the custom shape module allows to create new objects from scratch.
Some of the open questions for the custom line module are kind of open for years [3] - and I'd say this is not due implementation difficulties but due to difficulties in requirements elicitation. For your new feature I still need to understand what you want to achieve with it.
The difficulties of implementation almost entirely depend on the requirements ;-) If you want to avoid writing code, which is difficult to be included with Dia, let's talk about the design first. I've already rewritten the custom_lines plug-in once to make it portable and adhere to Dia design principles. [4], [5]
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