Updated Windows installer: Dia 0.97.2-2


an updated Windows installer is available from


This is a pure bug fix release of Dia version 0.97.2.
If you're using Dia on other operating systems such a Linux or Mac OS X and you're using dia 0.97.2
already, there's no need to update.

What was broken? Dia uses the gdk-pixbuf library to load several image formats (e.g. SVG) in the Image object. It also uses the library to embed SVG images in Shapes (The Gradient shapes from the Dia Shape Repository are an example for such shapes). Unfortunately, the previous installer installed several gdk-pixbuf DLLs in such a way that Dia couldn't use them. Sorry for this!

Thanks to Killian de Volder for reporting the problem and Hans for his analysis!

Only relevant to software developers: If you're compiling Dia on Windows,
the compilation instructions were updated accordingly:

Happy Diagramming!


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