Re: Need help - icons for shapes missing

Steffen Macke wrote:
Hi Don,

 > Couldn't recognize the image file format for file

You picture is there in the right place, but there's a problem with the
library to read the file.
Could you check/reinstall your libgdk-pixbuf2.0?
How did you install Dia (using the package manager or did you compile
yourself) ?
Are there other Debian Wheezy users having the same problem?



Thanks for the reply Steffen...

I have reinstalled libgdk-pixbuf2.0 once again a few minutes ago (I did it before also) with no change in results. I used synaptic to do this. If I try to completely remove that lib file, it wants to remove a whole load of applications that use it too, so that is not an attractive path to follow.

I installed Dia from the Debian package archive for Wheezy (testing) using apt-get install dia. The ownership/permissions on both the shape files and icons are the same and look OK. Obviously, Dia is finding the shape file (since I can drag it to the working screen), but cannot find the .png file OR ELSE cannot process it.

I've had my call for help on the debian-user list for a week now and only received one brief response from a user asking a couple questions. So, have no idea if others having problems with it or not.

I just got done installing Dia on my laptop computer, also running debian Wheezy, and it starts up well without the error message and with the shape icons properly displayed. So I believe we can conclude that the problem is not in the Debian package.

Any further help or direction would be appreciated -- short of reinstalling Debian! ;-) I am using KDE instead of Gnome, but that should not make a difference (and I'm using KDE on the laptop too). Pointers welcome. Could there be a missing lib file not in the depends? One that would normally come with Gnome.


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