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Subject: Re: Need help - icons for shapes missing
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 00:37:41 -0600

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Michael Ross wrote:
The red X is used for image file not found.  Maybe it has other uses,
but it sure sounds like the images for the shapes are misplaced.

Thanks for quick reply!  Yes, I'm aware of the red X and what it means,
but read this:

    I looked in /usr/share/dia/shapes/__Flowchart/ and found a listing
    of the various shapes, including "display.png" and "display.shape".
      In other words, both the .png and .shape files are there for all
    the shapes.

This shows they are there ... should they be in some other place?  It
appears that the program is looking for them at the place they are, just
that it cannot recognize/process the .png file.  Note: other .png files
on my computer do show up, but not those in the dia program.


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