Exporting / printing problem - features not found? - Help?


I am a new user of DIA, please do help.
I downloaded it to create buildings floor planes / electrical and plumbing schematics, and garden lay out.

This program would be a dream come true for most designs. I like it, but have problems I can't find solution for. In Other sheets No building objects menu yet - doors, windows etc so creating building plans no go. Now I am trying to do garden layout so I can print it out with what is planted and where - boxes on boxes on boxes with Flow chart boxes.

Can not find "Merge layers", "Rotate" the finished diagram (here you need the Merge layers so all objects will be rotated).
(Need this to input text into narrow vertical boxes)
To "Re-size" / scale the finished project diagram for printing on one letter page (%) Print dialog to display how many pages it actually will take before printing and print preview?
Just need more standard printing options in the print box.

Major problem - Exporting in other formats is not working - The only exportable format I can use DIA has is PNG.
It does create the file with the extension (example.png) just fine.
I would like to Export the finished project to my Ark Soft PhotoStudio 5 for further editing (which supports PNG) only because I can't do it with DIA. But the DIA Export just does not create the PNG readable by anything ? - and JPG (JPEG) is not supported. Tied a bunch of PNG editors/viewers - but none would read the PNG creates by DIA At last I have tried to print my diagram after sizing it to a letter sized paper, but the printer just spits out clean paper.

I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance


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