Re: dia components

Hi Michael,

Both your first and this version of your question have been received.

It's just that your first question hadn't received a reply. That's not
all that strange a thing, considering that to answer it, someone
randomly needs experience with dia on suse, which turns out not to be
the case (for people who also have non-SUSE dia anyway). It is not
something that can be tested without having a SUSE install (as well as
another install) either.

You'd be better off asking at SUSE, perhaps even contacting the
package maintainers for the dia package for SUSE.



On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 12:00 AM, Michael Scheepers
<michael scheepers gmail com> wrote:
Hi, a question from a dia user perspective:

Earlier this year I put together a Network diagram using the standard dia
install on SUSE. I've predominantly used Visio for this purpose for some
time, however I was really impressed with dia and based on my experience in
this instance, resolved that dia is absolutely a viable alternative for this

I subsequently replaced SUSE with Linux Mint, however the default dia
install available in Mint is missing a lot of the Network elements that were
available to me on SUSE. Contrary to my earlier extremely positive
experience on SUSE, the small handful of "missing" network elements on Mint
unfortunately prevent dia from even being an option for producing Network
diagrams via the Mint platform.

I checked and both SUSE and MINT had the same version of dia (0.9.7 if I
recall correctly but I may be mistaken).

Can anyone shed some light on why the  same version of dia would have a
different set of elements to choose from, when installed on two different
Linux distributions?

And more importantly, can anyone advise on how I can correct this problem on
Mint and get access to the "missing" dia elements?

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