Re: Text within objects are not selectable?

At 09.12.2011 21:12, David Robles (davroble) wrote:
Let me start my mentioning how great this diagram software is.  I wanted
to know if there's any way to select (highlight) chunks of text within
objects and therefore be allowed to execute cut/copy/delete on that
highlighted text.
Only whole objects can be higlighted with the current system.

I use this to diagram our lab network and it's
important to be able to cut/copy as well as delete specific chunks of
text without actually using backspace repeatedly.
You could also use "Edit/Cut Text" etc.

If this is not an
implemented feature I would like to participate in trying to make it
The Text object is defined in lib/text.[ch] It could possibly be extended to not only hold the cursor positin in the text (Text::cursor_pos) but also an addtional text selection.

The drawing of the text selection would need to e placed into the interactive renderers. See: lib/diagdkrenderer.c and plug-ins/cairo/diacairo-renderer.c.

I'm not aware of anyone actually working on this.


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