Looking for usage advice: Technical diagram frame template?


while I'm a Dia user since some years (and even did some hacking
on it), I'm probably not a "power user". Therefore, I need some

I think about using Dia for some technical diagrams (not really
technical drawings, for that I wouldn't consider Dia).

All technical Diagrams need the same kind of frame with some
text fields, like here:

(lower right corner)

(lower border)

(lower right corner)

Or here the text fields only:

I would like to have some kind of templates, e.g. one for ISO A4
portrait, one for ISO A4 landscape. These templates could be
used by me or others.

What is the best way to achieve this in Dia? I assume, using a
separate layer is useful, right? Does anybody have experience
with this kind of application in Dia?

Thanks in advance!

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