Re: Dia to MediaWiki 1.16

Hi Mark,

On 10/19/2010 05:16 PM, Mark Hempelmann (ta.ken) wrote:
As far as I know, Wiki extensions are programmed in PHP, is that
correct? Alas, I am not really able to do any coding, but we could set
up a wiki and test 
Sure, MediaWiki extensions are written in PHP, but you're rather looking
for something on the Dia side. Download of Dia files from the Wiki is
already possible.
What is lost, is the location under which the document is stored in the
Wiki - but this could even be added on the Dia side.

I've asked you for a MediaWiki VM/appliance that already has the
MediaWiki Dia extension installed - such a VM would be a big help to
develop a solution
that truly enables MediaWiki users to edit Dia files. If anybody else
knows such an applicance, I would be glad to hear about it.

Is a Dia Python plug-ins an option for you? You didn't answer that point

Thomas has added a valid point: You'll have to agree on a common set of
shapes to avoid problems (e.g. those of the official Dia distribution).



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