Re: Change length of several lines simultaneously.

Am 15.10.2010 um 01:05 schrieb Hans Breuer:
But I wonder, why I am not able to do this.
Mee too.
So you are able to resize several lines simultaneously? Did I understand you wrong, when you wrote "so there 
is no way to resize multiple objects at once" ?

Nothing happens.
Nothing related to my demanded task happens.

 Dragging one of the lines end ("handles") in the selection moves all objects. 
Yes, this is what I should have statet instead of "nothing happens." But this still doesn´t solve my problem.

With Dia 0.96 only the selected handle move so I do not know any Dia version where "nothing happens".
Its Okay!

The hard part is how multiple handle selection should work.
I don´t get the intention of this sentence. Do you mean, there is a way when multiple handle selection has 
been done?

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