Re: Change length of several lines simultaneously.

At 14.10.2010 22:08, Pooya wrote:

this is a very simple question for a very simple task.
This entirely depends on the point of view.

But I wonder, why I am not able to do this.
Mee too.

Is there any trick?

I am trying to change the length of several lines/arrows simultaneously.
I selected them all and tried with the "object-change-tool" to drag a line´s end.
My version of Dia since 0.97 has slightly changed handle colors for multiple selected objects. Dragging one of the lines end ("handles") in the selection moves all objects. Given that there is no way to do dedicated handle selections, so there is no way to resize multiple objects at once. The hard part is how multiple handle selection should work.

Nothing happens.
With Dia 0.96 only the selected handle move so I do not know any Dia version where "nothing happens".

What do I miss?
Honestly I dont know ...

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