Re: Dia and LibreOffice?

Le 13/10/2010 10:02, Thomas Harding a écrit :
Le 13/10/2010 08:11, Maciej Jaros a écrit :
At 2010-10-13 06:48, Octavio Alvarez wrote:
On Tue, 12 Oct 2010 12:29:11 -0700, <paul hermeneutic gmail com> wrote:

Has anyone suggested the possibility of Dia becoming a diagramming
tool in LibreOffice?

It would take a lot of work, but Dia could at least provide a starting

Would this be a welcomed opportunity or something to be avoided?

I'm no authority on programming or whatsoever, but, as a user, I'd
prefer ways for both programs to be integrated with one another.

Thinking on making Dia part of LibreOffice implies that every
non-existing tool in LibreOffice that needs to interact with LO in
some way, to become part of the suit (read: Project Manager,
PIM, Mind-mapper...)

I'd rather have all of them integrate with the current desktop, and
have them all interact and share information with a nice,
consistent and integrating interface.

That would probably be hard to do as OOo is more Java oriented and to replace Draw more exporting tools should be made. Also I think Draw is a bit more user friendly, but then again it doesn't compare with the amount of shapes Dia has. Especially with more complicated ones like those for UML.

What would be the benefit? Well I think the main benefit for users would be that they could edit diagrams inside the Writer (if Dia would be properly integrated). Plus diagrams could be vector and scale better for different uses.


What could be done in OOo is to embed the dia file and it's custom shapes and included images, as Ooo (aka
LibreOffice now) uses a zipped archive of files to include it's own data.

A LibreOffice plugin would allow to import (by changing paths inside the dia file to allow packing then keep the original relatives paths as meta-data) then re-export the dia file to allow the other persons to edit.

... obviously, it will also use dia to export the convenient SVG output then include it in it's archive file, as export to SVG is native to dia, both unices and Windows version (right click in Windows to a dia file drops a graphic sub-shell with export proposals), if I remain exactly.

All we really need is an import/export plug-in which allows that : we definitely do not need a full integration nor a re-implementation in LibreOffice ; this is not the M$ way, this is the
only good way -- the unices tool chain way!

Also, it would be great to dia to include a "zip-like format export" for the same reasons.

So, both the edit diagram plugin in LibreOffice and the "future dia magic button" will unpack the diagram to allow editing (plus included custom shapes editing and images update) unpacked in a "filename like directory" or, at user choice and/or by detecting original images/custom shapes paths, choose to use the original file paths
then update the original zip archive.

Would it satisfy any ?


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