Re: Normal way to visualize the structure of a program source-code?

On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 05:52, Pooya <Input pooya de> wrote:
Dear Dia-users,

For my thesis, I would like to visualize the structure of my developed program. Before starting to mention 
some of the most important methods, IÂd like to give the reader an overview about the system.

But I donÂt know, what the normal way to put this into practice would be.

What would you recommend or is there a "normals" way? And how would it be done in Dia?

Would it even be visualized, e.g. by a graph?

thanks in advance!
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UML is much more than a database modeling tool.

The article mentions many aspects of UML of which
database schemata are only one.

    * activities
    * actors
    * business processes
    * database schemas
    * (logical) components
    * programming language statements
    * reusable software components

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