RE: Object alignment does behave as expected

OK so far what I've found is that any vertically aligned shape from the
'Electric' sheet will not properly align with any vertically aligned
shape from the 'Circuit' sheet.

Run this test: open a new diagram, drop a 'Vertically aligned capacitor'
from the 'Circuit' sheet onto the diagram. Now drop a 'Relay (vertical)'
from the 'Electric' sheet onto the diagram. Select both objects and then
align them to 'Center', they aren't even close.

It appears that all of the shapes in the 'Electric' sheet work fine with
each other, and that all of the shapes from the 'Circuit' sheet work
fine together. The problem arises when you use shapes from different
sheets. I have only looked at these two sheets but I will check others
to see if the same problem exists.

I'm guessing that these two sheets of shapes were created by different
people and something in the way they were created is causing this
mismatch. That is why I asked in a previous post if there were some
instructions or guidelines on how to create shapes. I have created one
shape and it will align properly with the shapes from the 'Circuit'
sheet but not the ones from the 'Electric' sheet.

Kind Regards,
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Hi Jon,

On 08/12/2010 03:55 PM, Jon Oesterheld wrote:
I was working with some objects; The command organ of relay
and Horizontally aligned diode, and I noticed that when using the
Objects, Align, Top, Middle or Bottom the two objects are not
where I would expect them to be. When using the Align, Left, Center or
Right they seem to work correctly.
I played a little with these shapes and the only "unusual" behaviour I
could detect was with the relay (horizontal) from the Electric sheet. Do
you also have problems with other shapes? If yes,
please describe them in as much detail as possible. But please do not
report shapes that work

Unfortunately, we cannot just change the behaviour of the relay
(horizontal) shape, because that would break backwards compatibility.
But it should be possible to provide an alternative horizontal relay
that behaves the way you expect it.
For the time being - as a workaround - you can simply group a rectangle
and a line into a relay shape of your own. You can copy and paste this
group like a shape. See the Dia manual for information
about grouping and ungrouping objects. If that works out for you, you
could try to create your own
shape(s): Just follow the step-by-step instructions

I don't think you have to be a developer in order to do this.


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