Re: Dia escapes LaTeX in PGF Export

Hi Pooya,

How to patch my version?
That's up to you :-)
a) Is it ok, to comment out the whole function? Or maybe I can modify the arguement of  each call to 
function "g_string_append"?
Commenting out the whole function will result in an error unless you
also remove all calls to this function. It might be easier simply to
remove the \\ that offends you. The code will not be nice,
but it should be the smallest possible change(s) to get your code up and
b) After patching this source code, how to compile this for my Dia version running on OS X from Mac?
I assume that you've obtained your Mac version from It's build using
MacPorts. The Port file can be found under

And the MacPorts page contains detailed step-by-step installations how
to compile Dia
and many other packages on Mac OS X. Be warned, though. There might be a
bit of a learning curve.

As these export options are not available: How about an additional PDF export filterh
that skips escaping?
Yes. Sorry for not stating this clearly.
Is there a possibility to add a checkbox for such an option in a dialog right before exporting?
Well, that would be the famous "export option". Something that should be
much more complicated (please correct me if I'm wrong). Another export
format extends the long list of export formats, but
would be straightforward to implement.

OT: I now subscribed to the mailing list. What does it mean, "moderating a message"?

Thanks for taking the time to subscribe. "Moderating a message" means
that someone has to look at your message and confirm that it's not SPAM
and should be passed on to the subscribers of the mailing list. Thus
it's quite likely that posts of people that aren't subscribed reach the
mailing list delayed - which in turn will delay the answers. Subcribers
have the honor of getting questions answered quickly. Well, sometimes :-)



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