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I have thought of the grouping, but if you want to toggle notes/descriptions on and off that requires layering.  You can't group things on different layers...can you? 

My solution is to keep notes that are not for public consumption on a layer separate from the diagram entities.  I do have to remember to delete the notes when I delete the entity as Carl mentioned, and they don't move around the diagram, if I move the entity. 

For my purposes notations on a drawn entity or group has taken the form of purchasing notes on electrical components.  Or design explanations.  In a functional block diagram the notes give me a deeper level of detail that is turned on occasionally.  I suppose I would really like to make "visibility toggle-able notes" as an attribute of a group more often than of a singular entity or shape.  Perhaps that would even be easier to implement...Add the notation attribute to the group, not the shape.  Then if you need to annotate a shape you group it first.  This would not require any retro tweaking of shapes.

I second Carl, I would like an attribute for notes.  Notes that can be moved around the entity and be toggled visibly on/off.  This would be very handy.  But yes, there are workarounds.  I would make the addition myself if I knew how.


On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 1:33 AM, Steffen Macke <sdteffen gmail com> wrote:
HI Carl,

>> This should be possible e.g. through the XSLT plugin. Are you using
>> Dia on Windows?
> Linux

Then the XSLT export should work :-)

> Well, I was hoping the descriptions would be part of the object being
> described.  So when I delete the object, I don't have an orphaned
> description, and if I copy the object, I now have 2 items with that
> description.

Agreed. Did you try grouping your object and the description?
Just keep them grouped. If you delete the object, you also delete the
and your exported list stays up to date.

Do you know XSLT? Otherwise you could send me a sample Diagram and I would
try to create the XSLT for you.


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