Re: dia-0.97 win32/installer

At 21.04.2009 22:40, Steffen Macke wrote:
I don't think this is useful for general consumption and it stil does not
get installed on *NIX.

I agree! Removed from the installer again.

Thanks for updating the installer.

I'm still editing the ChangeLog file. However I'm ready to do
something else - if you tell me how to do it :-)

Follow the white rabbit ;) To me more exact:

IMO the commit rules of Gtk+ [1] make sense and we should follow them. It basically boils down to just have a commit message with:

 * first line giving the abstract of the change
   (for small changes this may be all there is)

 * second line is empty to separate short and long log

 * if necessary following a detailed description with references to
   single files/functions and/or the respective bugzila entry or
   mailing list thread. This is similar to what was written as the
   ChangeLog entry

See for more details.

The ChangeLog itself will only be updated from the commit logs during tarball creation. The final from is still undecided; I would prefer something which resembles the original ChangeLog stlye as close as possible (and may write my own script to achieve this).

But maybe the current thread on gnome-infrastructure reveals something similar enough to use for Dia. My current favorite is the proposal of Alexander Larsson [2]. Or maybe a variation of this:

git log --date=short --pretty=format:" * %ad  %an <%ae>  %t%n%n%s%n%n%b"



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