Re: dia-0.97 win32/installer (was: Re: dia-0.97-pre3 - may become dia-0.97)


Can you elaborate a bit on this? If this was missing from dia-0.97-pre2
the main new feature of 0.97 would have been lacking. But apparently it
was availabe with your pre2 installer.

My fault. I mixed up my cairo-related change in the makefile.msc
build/win32 deployment
with the installer part. You are right, it was part of -pre2. Sorry
for the confusion.

But the new libart plug-in is still missing. IMO it should be re-added
(functionality-wise) because there are still things working better with it
than with the new cairo facility. Namely --size and antialiased

This is done now. I adjusted the DLL name to match the latest one from


I don't think this is useful for general consumption and it stil does not
get installed on *NIX.

I agree! Removed from the installer again.

I'm still editing the ChangeLog file. However I'm ready to do
something else - if you tell me how to do it :-)


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