dia-0.97 win32/installer (was: Re: dia-0.97-pre3 - may become dia-0.97)

Hi Steffen,
At 15.04.2009 23:03, Steffen Macke wrote:
Thanks, Hans!

I've packaged up a new Dia for Windows installer:


Besides the already mentioned changes, the new installer has the
Integrated UI activated by default (based
on the feedback received for the 0.97-pre2 release). Cairo,
Can you elaborate a bit on this? If this was missing from dia-0.97-pre2
the main new feature of 0.97 would have been lacking. But apparently it
was availabe with your pre2 installer.

But the new libart plug-in is still missing. IMO it should be re-added
(functionality-wise) because there are still things working better with it
than with the new cairo facility. Namely --size and antialiased highlighting.

I don't think this is useful for general consumption and it stil does not
get installed on *NIX.
The status hasn't changed much since it's first availability:

2009-01-24  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>

          Start of plug-in implementation around idea "DiaRenderScript", an
          XML-dialect modelled after the DiaRenderer API. Currently it is
          only useful for debugging other parts of Dia or itsef ;)

and Postscript plugins have been (re)added.


I see one showstopper for the release
It certainly would be nice to have this fixed, but I will not make the
dia-0.97 release depend on it. Apparently our definitions of "showstopper"
are very different.
For me a showstopper does not have a simple workaround. This issue has two:
don't use localized filenames (or directories) and commpressed diagrams

- unfortunately, it's in libxml, not Dia itself:


and this is the related Dia bug:


The work-around I'm pondering could be to convert from utf-8 filenames to
locale filename before talking to libxml2, but that still would not work if
the choosen filename is not convertable into the locale encoding, e.g.
saving with a japanese filename on a german windows. (I'm uncertain if the
work-around would work at all on a japanese windows version.)


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