Re: How-to set resolution for png export?

Lars Clausen wrote:
On Apr 2, 2009, at 5:12 PM, Richard Moll wrote:
I would like to export some of my Dia diagrams as .png's to include them in a OOo Impress presentation.

When exporting via GUI no resolution can be set (here on WinXP with v0.97-pre2) and the default (?) resolution ~400x180 is way too "pixelig". In the help I found the command line syntax, which unfortunately doesn't work either:
C:\...>dia --export=test.png --size=600x --filter=png test.dia
Notice: User Interface type settings change will take after restart

** (dia.exe:2948): WARNING **: --size parameter unsupported for cairo-png filter
test.dia --> test.png

You will need to compile Dia with libart support (if the Windows version isn't already), and then use the PNG(Libart) export a.k.a --filter=png-libart

Seems that currently there is no libart support:
** (dia.exe:5628): CRITICAL **: Can't find output format/filter png-libart

Unfortunately I don't know how to compile anything...

Maybe Steffen would be so kind? :-)
I (and I guess many other Win user too) would be very grateful!


In the GUI I can also choose pixbuf[png]. However, I couldn't figure out the format option (png-pixbuf doesn't work) and I also don't know if it does support the size option.

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