Re: How-to set resolution for png export?

On Apr 2, 2009, at 5:12 PM, Richard Moll wrote:

I would like to export some of my Dia diagrams as .png's to include them in a OOo Impress presentation.

When exporting via GUI no resolution can be set (here on WinXP with v0.97-pre2) and the default (?) resolution ~400x180 is way too "pixelig". In the help I found the command line syntax, which unfortunately doesn't work either:
C:\...>dia --export=test.png --size=600x --filter=png test.dia
Notice: User Interface type settings change will take after restart

** (dia.exe:2948): WARNING **: --size parameter unsupported for cairo-png filter
test.dia --> test.png

So is there a way to change the resolution or any other convenient way to import the diagrams into OOo?

You will need to compile Dia with libart support (if the Windows version isn't already), and then use the PNG(Libart) export a.k.a -- filter=png-libart


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