Re: UML state cluster

On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 21:50 +0200, Sebastian Setzer wrote:
appended to this mail is a patch for state clusters. They are like
states but you can resize them. They are intended as borders which you
can use to group states.
You can think of a transition starting at a state cluster as equivalent
to lots of transitions starting at the contained states.
Transitions ending at state clusters don't make much sense if you want a
deterministic state machine.

The source is strongly influenced by state.c and large_package.c (mostly
I was hoping you would say that!


To get an icon in the toolbox, I inserted some lines in UML.sheet.
     <object name="UML - State Cluster">
      <description>State Cluster</description>
      <description xml:lang="de">Zustandsgruppe</description>
      <description xml:lang="en_CA">State Cluster</description>
      <description xml:lang="en_GB">State Cluster</description>
But this file is generated from somewhere else. Where would have been
the right place to insert the new shape?


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