Re: Pan by holding down scroll button already works (Was: Zoom patch)

On Tue, 2 Sep 2008, Hans Breuer wrote:

Unfortunately it is a lot more complicated ;) You have to specify your menu usage to be precise.

No idea really... it's Ubuntu with a Swedish or English locale.

With Dia's traditional right-click menu - which at least I am still using - the middle mouse button is already used to get on the object specific context menu (alternatively Ctrl+right click).

 However, if I click and move the mouse, the windows pans :-) :-)

There is also panning (or better scrolling) possible with the mouse wheel:
Ctrl -> zoom
Shift -> horizontal
Alt -> vertical

That's what I've been using, but the above is stone age in terms of useability compared to click'n'drag to pan...

See above. Apparently this is possible since 2003, maybe we should not add further options but instead better advertize what's already there?

Hmm... you have to do 'Ctrl' though, that's something I'd prefer to not do.


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