Dia development on win32 (was Re: Stretching grouped objects)

On 09.01.2008 16:48, Todd Marshall wrote:
It Should be easy to implement as all it means is applying the same
change of position and stretch to more than 1 object
so since you can do it to 1 object, you should be easily able to do
the exact same thing to >1 object.
If I had time I'd do it myself but I'm a win32 programmer now.
Need a manual for how to translate being a developer from win32 to
open source / sourceForge or however it's done for dia!
You are lucky, it recently got a lot easier and the prefered way (using msvc rather than MinGW) even became free (as in beer).

There is a good instruction to get you started on http://dia-installer.de/howto/compile_msvc/index.html

Although it is refering on Visual C++ version 6 it should almost flawlesly compile with the latest free (as in beer) version of Visual Studio 2008 (C++) : http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/

In contrast to the previous version (2005) it has SDK and nmake included. This should get you up to speed with just one simple tool download.

Of course you'll have the issues of mixed runtimes, if you don't intend to also build all the dependencies yourself. But I think the development experinece will be quite well without that.


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