Re: DIa Port to Java

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 14:58 -0800, Alex Mandel wrote:
Depends on what you're looking for in an IDE.
Oddly enough the Eclipse PyDev plugin is ok, debugger sucks though

But my preference right now is for:
boa-constructor (good debugger<-interactive, and gui builder)
Stani's Python Editor
Both of those have GUI builders for use with wxWidgets

In terms of more cli like interfaces I've heard great things about

I'm not looking for a GUI builder -- it may just be my few bad
experiences, but I doubt I'd get a well-thought-out GUI out of using

What I like is having the code structure easily available.  Error
highlighting for all compile time errors, both syntax and type.
Definitions and documentation at a single click.  Search for usages that
understands class hierarchies, overloading etc.  Renaming, moving,
restructuring that actually works.  Unit test support.  All these things
help me not do the errors I'm the most prone to making.  I tend to be
fine on the overall designs but forget to fix all instances of a change.


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