Re: DIa Port to Java

Lars Clausen wrote:
On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 23:31 +0100, Enrique ArizÃn wrote:
A Java port looks quite interesting.

 If you are going to develop it the Open Source way,
just let us known so we can browse the code.

 I would like to help, but day has only 24 hours and
I'm already "forked" :(

 Is there an strong technical reason to use Java? I
think Java is great and a big step forward when
compared to C, unless raw speed is a must, still I
guess Python is a better option for desktop apps.

Python would make the Python plug-in a lot easier:)  It's also not a bad
language, I've recently used it with enjoyment in making a webservice on
top of a database (mod_python + Publisher + simplejson rocks!).
However, I have yet to find a development environment that's better than
Emacs, and that doesn't give anything like the support for development
that Java IDEs give.  I may have missed something, but languages as
dynamic as Python would be difficult to make an effective IDE for --
things are just so malleable that the large-scale analyses necessary are
hard to impossible to make.


Depends on what you're looking for in an IDE.
Oddly enough the Eclipse PyDev plugin is ok, debugger sucks though

But my preference right now is for:
boa-constructor (good debugger<-interactive, and gui builder)
Stani's Python Editor
Both of those have GUI builders for use with wxWidgets

In terms of more cli like interfaces I've heard great things about


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