RE: DIa Port to Java

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 23:31 +0100, Enrique ArizÃn wrote:
A Java port looks quite interesting.

 If you are going to develop it the Open Source way,
just let us known so we can browse the code.

 I would like to help, but day has only 24 hours and
I'm already "forked" :(

 Is there an strong technical reason to use Java? I
think Java is great and a big step forward when
compared to C, unless raw speed is a must, still I
guess Python is a better option for desktop apps. 

Python would make the Python plug-in a lot easier:)  It's also not a bad
language, I've recently used it with enjoyment in making a webservice on
top of a database (mod_python + Publisher + simplejson rocks!).
However, I have yet to find a development environment that's better than
Emacs, and that doesn't give anything like the support for development
that Java IDEs give.  I may have missed something, but languages as
dynamic as Python would be difficult to make an effective IDE for --
things are just so malleable that the large-scale analyses necessary are
hard to impossible to make.


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