AW: Hello & several Questions

Hi Steffen,
thanks for your fast reply

Unfortunately my symbols are real pictures which must be turned into shapes.
Pictures can be tricky. Could you use a tool like autotrace to
vectorize your pictures?
If this does not mean anything to you, maybe you could post an example online or
mail it directly to me in order to see if vectorization could make sense.
Ok, well if that is the point - i include my pictures, the created png file and the shape file
in on folder at my dia directory. The sizing of my images is no problem this works fine.

2. Is it possible to include images which are dragged into the diagram and
save this in the diagram file?
--> Reason again: if the images are moved, the images are broken - This is
for me a great disadvantage
over visio.
Exactly. There is no image embedding so far. You could use relative
path(es), however.

Is there a feature request email address for future versions of dia?
I also would like to include a signature of username, sourcefilename and date as a footer in
my diagram. Like in visio :)
Also the embedding images feature would be great for sharing diagram created
by dia.

3. Is there a manual for creating more connection points for my shapes?
Do you have a basic understanding of
coordinates, XML and (best) SVG?

Sorry no deeper knowledge available :(


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