Re: Hello & several Questions

Hi Florian,

Unfortunately my symbols are real pictures which must be turned into shapes.

Pictures can be tricky. Could you use a tool like autotrace to
vectorize your pictures?
If this does not mean anything to you, maybe you could post an example online or
mail it directly to me in order to see if vectorization could make sense.

1.How do i create a collection which can be published? And how do i create
the *.sheet file?

The easiest way to do this is to use the Sheets & Objects manager from the menu.

2. Is it possible to include images which are dragged into the diagram and
save this in the diagram file?
--> Reason again: if the images are moved, the images are broken - This is
for me a great disadvantage
over visio.

Exactly. There is no image embedding so far. You could use relative
path(es), however.

3. Is there a manual for creating more connection points for my shapes?

If you save shapes, a lot of connection points are created. So in most
of the cases
you just have to remove connection points to improve the quality of your shapes.
Wiki and the Dia manual contain some information on creating quality shapes.
Looking at the existing shapes also helps. Do you have a basic understanding of
coordinates, XML and (best) SVG?



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