Hello & several Questions

Hello there folks,
this is my first mail so excuse me if i make any mistake :-)
I want to do the following:
I want to create a whole new shape collection with server parts from my favourite company.
I learned how to create shapes but unfortunately if i move the source file of the shape
dia shows the broken image icon. In the normal collections i always find a png and shape file.
Unfortunately my symbols are real pictures which must be turned into shapes. But it
does function pretty well unless the mentioned "bug".
1.How do i create a collection which can be published? And how do i create the *.sheet file?
2. Is it possible to include images which are dragged into the diagram and save this in the diagram file?
--> Reason again: if the images are moved, the images are broken - This is for me a great disadvantage
over visio.
3. Is there a manual for creating more connection points for my shapes?
Greetings & Thanks for your help in advance!

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