Re: dia for floor plans

On Fri, 2008-02-08 at 00:14 -0600, Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:

I am very new to dia, and I was wondering if there are some templates
to use dia to draw baisic 2D floorlayouts

we use Visio for this now, and visio has a tool that can calc square
feet inside a shape. How would I use dia to do this?

visio is one of the last few hold out apps then our office can be windows Free.

I'm afraid I can't quite help you there.  While Dia can indeed be used
for making floor plans (I did it myself last time we moved), it's a bit
clumsy for the purpose.  There's no function to calculate the area of a
shape, either, though it would be an excellent plugin to make.  Main
problem I see is that Dia doesn't have a way to combine/cut shapes, so
either everything would have to be one big beziergon or curved parts
would not be possible.

While I am open to contracts for making plugins, I cannot say that I'd
get this done on my own; I can't even really seem to find time to do the
things I want to do myself.


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