Problem with not printing to scale

Hi, i'm trying to print the attached dia file to scale. I set the graph so that x and y are 0.254 cm which equals 0.1 inch. So if I print this then the line going across 10 units (may have to adjust your grid spacing to see this since I don't think it saves the grid spacing) it should be 1 inch long, right? It's actually measuring about 1 1/16" or 2.75 cm (should be 2.54). It's a little better if I print to another printer, but still off. It's even better but still off if I print to PDFCreator then to my printer making sure to not scale to margins. Is this a margin issue? How can I print to scale?
Thanks in advance for any help.
Also, I couldn't really find anywhere to post suggestions, so I will here.
  1. Add length/dimension control. Just make it so you can manually type the distance a line or rectangle is into its properties.
  2. I noticed the hex graph, very nice, but how about an isometric/triangle graph. Then you could simulate 3D on a 2D drafting program. I also attached a pdf with this graph paper to see what i'm talking about.
  3. Why can't I rotate stuff/components? This seems like the first thing that would be put in?

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