Re: 2 Ques. - object placement; printing

Dnia 24-08-2008 o godz. 16:44 Ed Wright napisał(a):
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I've been copy/pasting the page I want to print into an empty
dia file and printing that.... works as a stop gap measure but bothersome.

I do use Inkscape and Gimp for other things. And I don't use Windows :)

On Windows I tend to use Bullzip PDF Printer (freeware)
But I'm sure you'll find a virtual PDF printer for your Linux 

After creating the PDF file you will be able to choose the number of 
page which you want to print. Note that dia creates documents with pages 
ordered from top left to right and then row by row.

BTW as seems Dia doesn't give the number of pages to the driver and so 
you can't choose the number of a page print.

Best wishes,

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