Re: Dia to SVG through XSL?

Am 07.08.2008 16:22, Grey schrieb:
I've taken a look around and haven't found anything yet, so does
anyone here have an XSL to transform Dia's XML output to SVG? I poked
around and it appears to currently be done in C in Dia which to me is
just... silly...
Feel free to develop all the shape rendering in XSLT as well, after all many of Dia's shapes are some SVG dialect as well ...

I want to be able to do such a transform without
having Dia as a dependancy for the transform (It's obviously required
to generate the files in the first place,
... to me having this dependency is as ... silly ... as to generate the SVG programmatically. People still convinced in the ultimate power of XSLT should IMHO just implement everything with it ;)

but I'm working on a
automated documentation system that needs to be as flexible and
uncomplicated as possible, and Dia is a fairly heavy requirement
compared to XSLT's)

Depending on the desired graph output you may want to look at other tools, e.g. doxygen is generating pretty nice UML with dot (

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