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Before requesting development, please try out the newest SVN version. Several of the things you mention have been implemented already.


On Apr 15, 2008, at 1:51 PM, David Nguyen wrote:


I have some requests for dia (mine is on Windows,
dunno if it's the same on Linux).

1- Deletion of Text
Everytime I want to update text, if I 'del' text then
it doesn't work properly, it deletes the whole object.

I have to use the backward deletion key '<-' to change
text and that's quite annoying. When I want to update
text, first I add text then I delete the old one, so I
can check what I have written.

2- Network Drive
Second problem is on network drives, Dia doesn't allow
to save or open dia files on a windows network. This
trouble is less annoying. I have to work on my drive
and then copy it on the network.

3- Customized group of shapes
I would like to create custom group of existing
shapes. Let's say some BPMN, some UML, some SDL, so
when I open my customized group and I have all objects
I need. I did it with File menu/Sheet and Objects, ok.

For example, Cisco have 4 groups of shapes but only
one Cisco shape directory, I wonder also how can it be
possible ? When I look at dia/sheets directory I read
*.sheet but I can't understand how Dia can get the
shape directory. Maybe  <object name ="DirectoryName -
ShapeName"> , is it ? Then when I modify the sheet,
adding objects with the UI I can't see update in the
*.sheet, where modifications are stored ? Any docs
about *.sheet.

4- Diagrams in one window
I'd like to have all my open diagrams in one window
(like in Notepad++) like the first image in Now, I
have a MDI, I click 'Dia Object Window' and then click
'Dia Diagram Window' to include new objects. Or having
the possibility to choose between SDI or MDI in

Where are the shapes, I can't see any directory ! I
can't see any UML, AADL *.shape in dia/shapes/ Maybe
it's 'allin' the dll ?

6- UML Text annotation
I'd like to change the text annotation object, because
there are 2 problems, the ratio aspect is fixed and
the text font is monospace whereas all other fonts in
use are sans, so the end result is quite weird. Is it
possible to make the ratio aspect variable and use the
standard font sans. Sometime, I add a text annotation
object to fill it later, so having this little object
is bad, I want to resize it before adding text. If I
can't do it by modifying *.shape can someone do it ?

7- Swimlane shape
I will try to create a swimlane shape, I will follow, I
have question for the textbox, how can I do it, when I
save I get a svg:text, I would like a modifiable
<textbox> like a BPMN Task. And I would like also that
the shape can be rotated to 90°. I also have to create
a png icon. And I would like it possible to include
other objects directly in the swimlane. Any hints or
online docs about textbox, object includes,
transparency ?


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