BPNM Colors (was RE : What do you want to do for Dia 0.97?)

Hi David,

Am 09.04.2008 10:17, David Nguyen schrieb:
I want color working for Dia (on windows, as I'm using
Dia on Windows) !

I can't use color for boxes like in BPMN activity box.
Only line color can be modify not object color.
This is an easy task for non-developers becuase all the BPMN stuff is done by Dia's cusom shapes. See:

Basically it is replacing some
        style="fill: #ffffff"
in the shape file with
        style="fill: foreground"

Fixing color and also add pool and swimlane in BPMN.

Dia could replace Visio if it fixes color management.
Nice colors will make the difference on my charts !

If you do it yourself please don't forget to provide the changed files back to us. After all Dia is a community effort and noone has to pay for it or gets payed for it ;)


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get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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