RE : What do you want to do for Dia 0.97?

I want color working for Dia (on windows, as I'm using
Dia on Windows) !

I can't use color for boxes like in BPMN activity box.
Only line color can be modify not object color. 

Fixing color and also add pool and swimlane in BPMN.

Dia could replace Visio if it fixes color management.
Nice colors will make the difference on my charts !


--- Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> a écrit :

As you may have noticed there are lot of bugs
currently dying on Dia's 
trunk. There are already more bugs fixed in the
current development cycle 
than for dia-0-96. See:

Also there are some new features which would benefit
from some more 
testing. See:

In my opinion the current bug count is still too
high to do a 0.97 release 
(candidate), but maybe you want to help addressing
some of the remaining 

Thanks in advance,

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get along without it.                -- Dilbert
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