Re: Formats /flowcharts

On 28/10/2007, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:
Has anyone worked with GraphML output in Dia? Is there something I could
be doing to help Dia read SVG files better?

Unless there's something I missed in my 5-minute perusal, GraphML does
not define size and position of its elements.  Dia is not going to
re-implement graph layout in order to understand GraphML.

I think it's easier to wrap or modify Graph::Easy to output dia XML.

I've been generating Dia (and umbrello and argouml) XML from perl for
ages with autodia, it's really not *that* hard, you just need to know
the sizes of the shapes you would be creating and a vague idea of
where to plonk them on the canvas - given it's going to be opened and
edited you don't have to get the layout exactly right.


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