Re: Metapost - text alignment

On 1/29/07, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:
Rather than changing font size (which we have had bad experiences with),
can't we just have each text line be fitted in a LaTeX box of the
appropriate size?  Then we can make use of LaTeX's fine kerning
abilities to get the width right, and font size wouldn't suffer.

Ok, I finally get what you're saying.  You want LaTeX to squeeze the
text to the box, but with a given font size.  It can accomplish this
by shrinking the space between letters, or any other tricks up its

I'll try to figure out how to make that happen from a MetaPost file.

However, with the example you attached to your later e-mail, I think
the error is too great.  I think we have a significant bulk font size
problem.  In your example, if you tried to keep the font size the
same, but squeezed the text to the available width, you'd end up with
characters stacked on top of one another.

Unfortunately, 1% is when we're lucky.  I've seen many cases of 10%
difference or more.  I'll show you samples as soon as I get the metapost
thing to work.


Was that file created with Rob's 3.0 to 2.05 change included?


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