Re: After all the big stuff, a small question

On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 13:07 -0600, Jim Clark wrote:

Lars, hope your visit to my home state was a treat. We've had some
fluctuating weather recently, so hope you caught the good portion. Ice
and snow this week, but I trust you're gone now.

Yes, we left the states on the 4th, so we missed out on all the fun.  It
was rather grey while we were in Kansas, no snow at all:(

Now to my question. I have little pieces of text. The built-in anchor
is on the left side of these pieces. I want to anchor them to the left
side of a box, so I need the connection point on the right, but do not
see how to get it to switch sides. How is this done?

If you make the text right-aligned, the connection point is on the


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