Re: Dia 0.94 at Ubuntu Linux 6.06, custom shapes with textareas -> program crashes

On 17.01.2007 19:33, Dirk Sohler wrote:
Hi there,

i created an custom sheet and added some custom shapes to it. It all 
works fine, until i want to add a textbox to my custom shape. First i 
thought i was wrong, but then i used the textbox-tag from one of Dia's 
"built-in" shapes (in fact i used the complete shape defination, except 
the name of it).

<textbox x1="0" y1="4" x2="10" y2="10"/>

If i add this to my custom shape, Dia ALWAYS crashes with

You could have found that info youself by searching for bugs fix for the
last release 0.95. The version you are using is at least two years old.

The list of bugs fixed for 0.95 is

Your specific bug is

If i don't use the textbox-tag all works fine, and i can use Dia and of 
course my custom sheet and shapes too.

Do you have any ideas, how i can use text boxes in my custom shapes?

Yes, update!


PS.: Dia is a very great tool, but it documentation -sorry- sucks... :)

Feel free to improve it.

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