Dia 0.94 at Ubuntu Linux 6.06, custom shapes with textareas -> program crashes

Hi there,

i created an custom sheet and added some custom shapes to it. It all works fine, until i want to add a textbox to my custom shape. First i thought i was wrong, but then i used the textbox-tag from one of Dia's "built-in" shapes (in fact i used the complete shape defination, except the name of it).

<textbox x1="0" y1="4" x2="10" y2="10"/>

If i add this to my custom shape, Dia ALWAYS crashes with

** (dia:20314): WARNING **: No attribute text ((nil)) or no data((nil)) in this attribute
sys:1: Warning: g_object_ref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
Segmentation fault

If i don't use the textbox-tag all works fine, and i can use Dia and of course my custom sheet and shapes too.

Do you have any ideas, how i can use text boxes in my custom shapes?

Kind regards from Germany,

Dirk Sohler

PS.: Dia is a very great tool, but it documentation -sorry- sucks... :)

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