Re: DXF format

On Sat, 2007-08-18 at 14:31 +1000, James McDonald wrote:
Marian Krivda wrote:
I have drawn a picture in DIA, I have exported it to DXF fromat.
Now I want to open this DXF format with AUTOCAD, but it doesn`t work.
I just tried to export to dxf and open in QCAD. A simple diagram (1 box 
1 line and 1 bezeirgon ) opens OK. But a diagram that uses some of the 
cisco shapes exports and opens in QCAD but some of the elements are 
missing their lines.

So I suppose the complexity of the diagram may cause autocad trouble.

It would be useful to figure out which kinds of lines are missing, they
could then be fixed.  There's only really a small handfull of lines,
more or less corresponding to the basic shapes in the toolbox.


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